Enterprise Content Management

Siritek Inc. focuses in developing and implementing strategic business and technology to support systems designed to manage both structured and unstructured content, so that an organization can more effectively meet business goals, serve its customers, and protect it.

Our domain expertise coupled with our technology competency enables our customers to drive maximum Return on Investment. Siritek Inc has developed expertise in designing and implementing enterprise content management and workflow solutions.

Every day, organizations create a huge volume of unstructured content that includes customer profiles, purchase orders, employee records, financial reports, forms, scanned invoices, contracts, quality documents, engineering drawings and e-mails, among others.

This content is stored in multiple locations, such as local computer drives, network drivers, file shares, file folders and file cabinets without a consistent taxonomy for identification. This makes it hard for users to find and reuse the content they need for their daily tasks. The results in wasting time searching and re-creating information. It also promotes less-efficient practices, such as using e-mail as a document collaboration tool.

Siritek's well experienced and proper trained consultants understand Enterprise Content Management platform to address the business challenges associated with unmanaged information.

Our Solutions improve business productivity and agility by providing better access to information and creating a foundation for sharing, securing and reusing this content throughout the enterprise.

Siritek understands Enterprise Content Management Suite which offers within one integrated platform the content management capabilities required to manage all types of enterprise content, including business documents, vital records, paper-based information, digital assets (images, audio and video), e-mail, forms, reports and more. The solution also enhances teamwork with project management, forums, real-time instant messaging and collaboration.

To complete the offer, our focus on ECM Suite also provides a fully integrated Business Process Management that allows customers to streamline everyday business activities, connecting and sharing knowledge across the organization. Our professionals are experienced Business Automation experts implementing solutions based on industry standards tools and best practices.

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