Change Management

Siritek Inc. is specialized in helping companies and their people to adapt and succeed in times of change.

  • We leverage our deep expertise in organizational effectiveness and change management to engage employees, build leadership capability and enhance business performance.
  • We help companies to "make the turn" and sustain the changes.

Key Change Enablers
Having sponsors/champions who support the change and have visible, active public commitment of the change
Case for Change
The reason to change, weather driven by threat or opportunity, is instilled within the organization and widely shared through data, demonstration or demand. The need for change exceeds its resistance.
The desired outcome of the change is clear, legitimate, widely understood and shared; the vision is shaped in behavioral terms.
Stakeholders are strongly committed to invest in the change, make it work and demand and receive management attention; stakeholders agree to change their own actions and behaviors to support the change.
Change Integration
Changes are integrated with other key initiatives. Processes are in place to capture early learning's and transfer them throughout the organization.
Plans and resources are in place to communicate the changes and their timing and impact; appropriate channels have been identified.
Plans and resources are in place to train impacted stakeholders in new roles, systems, processes, etc.
Systems and Structures
Foundation and practices are in place to complement and reinforce the change (Measurement, Rewards, Org Design, IT Systems)

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