Our Work

Siritek Inc. is not confined by the boundaries of industry or functional areas. In fact, our key differentiators set us apart regardless of project type.


At Siritek, we don't hand you a plan and walk away. Our professional project managers work on-site and are committed to the success of your most complex projects. We seamlessly integrate into your teams and have the business acumen required to ensure your project goals align with your company's strategy.


We take on your initiatives and drive your projects, allowing you to focus your time and energy where they're needed most. Our objective leaders ask the tough questions to keep your organization progressing. We lead your projects and your teams.

Knowledge & Insight

We know project management. We helped shape the field of project management consulting from years. The majority of our project managers are certified. But we don't rest on our laurels. Our employees receive ongoing training and attend industry conferences to keep them abreast of evolving best practices.

Proven Results

We can help you meet critical goals that impact your bottom line. We've cut timelines in half, salvaged strategic alliances on the brink of collapse, and delivered 400% ROI on our services.

Collective Intelligence

When you entrust your project to us, you become the beneficiary of knowledge accumulated from projects. Our experience not only informs our current practices, but enables us to continually hone our methodologies.

Critical Thinkers

Rather than a pre-packaged formula, you need a solution that fits your industry, company and corporate strategy. Siritek's project managers are problem solvers who create practical and realistically implemented industry-standard plans that meet your IT needs.


Ethics and honesty have been the foundation of our company since our inception. We have received rewards from our clients for the values reflected in our conduct and practices. You can confidently entrust your most critical projects to us.

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