We know that every business builds its foundation on information technology. Our services include IT staffing and outsourcing, IT consulting, and project management.

Our IT consulting firm also specializes in a wide range of information technology solutions for your company, including network management, system assessment, project management, network design, integration and security, application development, risk assessment, contingency planning, compliance consulting, data warehousing, and many other information technology services and IT operations.

Application Development

Application developers are the ones who help companies go beyond the standard offerings available to everyone, with their development of custom business applications or extensions to standard tool offerings. This channel features ongoing coverage of key developer issues -- from tool platforms to development techniques.


Applications are the lifeblood of a business work processes, providing the tools that employees use day in, day out. The Applications channel brings together the latest news, reviews, and insights on choosing and using enterprise applications wisely.

Cloud Computing

Services provided over the Internet, from computing infrastructure to enterprise applications, are changing the face of IT -- as are the technologies and architectures employed to build cloud services. Cloud computing is one of the most active areas of IT investigation these days, and the hands-on expertise found only at Siritek Inc.

Data Explosion

Organizations store data at frighteningly high rates -- rates that are only increasing. To help enterprises deal with that information explosion, turn to the Data Explosion on the products and techniques to keep control over the tidal waves of data sweeping your business. In addition to news and reviews, the features and Information Overload column for experience-based advice.

Mobile Technology

Gadgetry has its limits, but mobile business applications know no bounds. And it's clear that mobile devices are becoming a key part of any business's technology arsenal. The focus is on mobility of all stripes -- Smartphone's, wireless networking, notebooks, laptops and touch pads -- with ongoing technologies, plus analysis in the mobile technologies and others.


Security provides a vital resource for IT professionals to make the most of their security-oriented resources with best practices and discerning technology selection. In addition to ongoing reviews, the Security Central features Siritek Inc. as one of the leading on security in the industry.


Siritek Inc was first to highlight the importance of server, desktop, and storage virtualization, with a broad and deep array of product reviews, hands-on advice, and informed opinion from contributors with real-world deployment experience. Virtualization is now a key IT trend, with considerably more potential to be realized. Siritek Inc. has up to date information on key virtualization developments through constant reviews and analysis readily available to serve any organization's virtualization needs.

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